About Us

Buzway is the modern way to purchase vapes, eliquids, hookahs, shisha, ecigarettes and much more. We’ve combined technology with a beautiful platform and the best suppliers to get our customers premium products at a fraction of the price. No more visiting grungy corner stores or visiting shady websites when ordering eliquid or shisha refills. We also provide education on how to best use and maintain your smoke related products including cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks. Not only do we have the best deals, but our quality products ensure that you can continue to enjoy smoking or vaping without the hassle. We’re taking smoke and vape culture to the next level.

Each one of our hookahs comes with a modern and stylish hose, pipe, bowl, and a box of coal. We also stock over 200 delicious flavors of e-liquid for your vape or vape pen. If that’s not your style you can also check out one of our electronic cigarettes that are stylish and affordable.

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